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Christopher M. Zarpas
Christopher M. Zarpas Photo Christopher M. Zarpas Photo

Vice President
Christopher M. Zarpas Photo


I deliver full service commercial real estate brokerage solutions for business owners, investors and tenants in the investment, land, healthcare, office, industrial, mobile home park and retail property sectors. My services include:


Real Estate Investment Services

Owning commercial real estate is preferable to some investors since it is a tangible asset that can be seen and physically managed by comparison to the intangible, “digital ownership” of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. For almost a century, the annualized average return for the S&P 500 was 9.8%. However, it is not uncommon for “buy and hold” commercial real estate investors to see returns of 7% – 10% on a ten-year hold. The potential volatility of the stock market has never been more apparent than today. On a risk adjusted basis, commercial real estate is a very sound investment as part of a diversified portfolio. For more than 114 years, S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co. has completed transactions to sell or acquire several billion dollars of investment property for both the company and its clients. Those clients include institutions, REITs and small private investors seeking to maximize their real estate position with sound strategies for acquisition and disposition of income producing property. We provide our clients with in-depth market knowledge and property analysis across all categories including, single-tenant retail, office and industrial properties, multi-tenant shopping centers, apartment buildings and office buildings.

Tenant Representation and Relocation

Whether you are a new business looking for your first location or a growing business needing more space of additional locations, I can help. Representation by experienced commercial real estate broker is essential. When a prospective buyer or tenant call the number on the sign or in the posted listing, he will reach the broker representing the seller or landlord. That broker has a legal, fiduciary duty to his seller or landlord client. He’s not looking out for you. And, that seller or landlord is responsible for paying both brokers, So the broker’s services cost you nothing. I will perform detailed analyses of your desired trade area. I will aggressively negotiate lease terms and create a letter of intent containing those terms, including rent, landlord contributions your improvements in free rent/and or cash, parking, signage, etc. I can also introduce you to qualified vendors that specialize in commercial real estate such as banks, designers, contractors, attorneys, etc., and continue to consult and advise you on your project until you are open for business.

Lease Renewal

My up to the minute knowledge of commercial real estate market trends in all property categories, comparable lease transactions and skillful lease negotiation, help to ensure that you will enjoy the best possible terms.



I am a lawyer and skilled negotiator with significant corporate and entrepreneurial business experience. Born into a family of commercial real estate broker developers, I offer my clients a lifelong perspective on commercial real estate transactions. Whether you are an investor, a business owner, lawyer, doctor accountant or other professional looking to purchase business premises, I’ve got the skills to help you. I can quickly identify all available properties that meet your criteria. When there is nothing on the open market, I have resources and relationships that often allow me to find an “off-market” property that exactly meets your need. I dig into the financials and the physical condition of each property and look for any zoning restrictions that may conflict with your use. This means I’ll bring only those properties that best match your needs. I can also assist you in securing financing using my relationships with local, regional and national banks, credit unions and national commercial mortgage brokers. I will create a detailed 10-year projection of profit and loss, prepare a letter of intent, negotiate all terms of sale and consult you on financing options, overseeing the transaction from contract execution to closing. All of this saves you time and money.

Landlord Representation

By carefully balancing tenant mix, thoroughly qualifying prospective tenants, and employing creative marketing strategies, we fully achieve our landlord clients’ goals, even in the most competitive environments. Our vast knowledge of current tenants and those that are preparing to enter our market enables us to match the right tenant to the right property.


Selling properties at top market value requires strong local broker expertise. S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co.’s 114 years of success as developers, owners, brokers and property managers gives helps provide me intimate, up to the minute knowledge of local sub-markets, rental rates, demand, competition and value. I use that vast reservoir of knowledge and experience, hard financial analysis and ongoing relationships with buyers of commercial properties, appraisers, bankers and other professionals to provide you with a very accurate opinion of your property.